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Title: [IoD] And so it begins...
Post by: GroxGlitch on January 14, 2012, 11:46:52 pm
"Are the preparations made?" Kari'u'sadow stood in the bridge of his flagship, the Fear looking over his amassed force. It was huge by Shadow standards. However, it's intended target made the size necessary .
"Yes, lord. All requested forces are present, and Gate Drives are fully charged and on standby. All that needs be is your word."
"Good," 'Sadow raised his suit's clawed arm, clamping it into a fist. "Let us crush them." Ahead of the amassed fleet, a small dot of light appeared. It remained for a moment, growing slowly larger as it gained energy. Then, with a flash, it exploded into a wormhole, and ships began to pour in.
The space around Photise was a busy place. Ships of all sizes, from one-man starplanes to capital ships, intermingled in the space around the capital planet and out into the encapsulating system. Two task forces sat in perpetual guard of the system, ready to deal with any problem from collisions all the way to military raiding parties.
"Captain, are you seeing this too?" Asked one of the bridge attendants on an outskirt patrol vessel, pointing to a dot of light just outside the system's periphery.
"Yeah...too big to be a supernovae...scan it." Before the sensor operator could even move, the dot of light exploded, driving up arms to shield eyes from the blinding burst. When the captain's vision settled, he could make out hundreds of vessels, their outline nearly visible against the dark of space.
"Get the Supreme General here, now! Those are Shadow craft!" The captain ordered, running to the command console. He brought up the system-wide comms unit.
"Attention all vessels of the Photirian District! Large Shadow invasion force sighted in system periphery, transmitting coordinates now. Engaging, requesting assistance. He killed the link and looked to Photire itself. He could make out the outline of two dreadnoughts breaking off towards his location. His attention was pulled by the command console buzzing into life again.
"This is General Val'ones. What is so urgent, captain? I get a blank, urgent -"
"There's a Shadow invasion force here in the capital! At least a thousand ships, we are not fortified enough to even stall them, much less repel them!" Val'ones' face was strick with horror.
"Creator protect us... buy us a few minutes, my fleet should be there in a few minutes. Stand strong, captain." The channel went dead, and the captain turned to the fleet in front of him.
"Charge the antimatter guns, get firing solutions. Fire at will!" Their Dreadnought was the first to open up, it's guns spitting out waves of plasma bolts. The two Dreadnoughts that broke off added their fire to it, flashes erupting where plasma bolts hit shields. The Shadow ships responded in kind, bolts of energy ripping from the fleet and tearing into shields of the two oncoming Dreadnoughts.
As his fleet's Warp Drives powered up, Val'ones sent an urgent-status recording to both the GPA and Perrachi.
"I urgently ask of your help. A large Shadow invasion force is attacking our Empire's capital, and our garrison is not sufficient to repel them. My fleet is on it's way but I fear even this will not be enough. I understand we may sometimes have differences but if something is not done, trillions of people will die, and this may just well be the beginning. Val'ones out."
"Warp Drives online sir, jump?" Val'ones' aid notified him.
"Jump!" Val'ones ordered.

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Post by: Yuu on February 14, 2012, 08:03:44 am
Another dot of light appeared, slightly beyond Photise orbit. This time around, the rapidly expanding portal was more a sign of grace than an omen. Seconds later, the bow of several large craft of varying yet familiar designs began to protrude from the gaping threshold, accompanied by an assortment of smaller craft which darted all around. Despite this vast differences in form and design, they all shared one unique mark, however, and it was in the form of a GPA insignia emblazoned on their plates and hulls.

"'Tis Captain Aguilan of the GPA Photirian District Rapid Response Unit Twelve. Assisting local defense 'til reinforcements arrive, over.", came over the Photirian comms network.

On the bridge of the Flueluvu, Aguilan's vessel and flagship of the small force, several large projections appeared across the walls, showing cursory scans of the ongoing battle.

"Well, 'tis unexpected...", quickly came to Aguilan's mind while taking in the scenery. "'Tis a lot of shadow craft, and here I thought 'tis that infection's work again.", she added jokingly.


Elsewhere on the ship, the Captain's words echoed throughout the intercom.

"Battle-stations cannon! Battle-stations cannon!"

"All hands, prepare ship for battle-stations missile!"

"'Tis the captain, 'tis not an exercise!"

"Load up rails 1, 6, 2, 5!"

"Heat up 1, heat up 6."

"Aim 1, heat up 2."

"1 launch, aim 6, heat up 2."

"6 launch, aim 2, heat up 5."

"2 launch, aim 5."

"5 launch."


Four jets of super-heated matter shot out of the Flueluvu, driving straight towards the nearest enemy vessel, grazing it with three and scoring a hit with the fourth. Other GPA craft also began to fire, engaging the shadows through their vanguard's more vulnerable flank.

"Lieutenant.", Aguilan called her subordinate's attention. "ETA for reinforcements?"

"Thirty minutes, Captain.", the officer promptly answered.

'Tis gonna take a while...

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Post by: GroxGlitch on February 19, 2012, 07:32:40 pm
"Gaaah." 'u'Sadow snarled. "I hadn't expected auxiliary forces so fast. I suppose it makes up for the shockingly light defenses otherwise. It is disconcerting that they're using railguns, meaning our shields won't help much. Armor should be sufficient anyway." He said almost boredly as batteries turned to fire back at the offending PDRR, without slowing down. They were sandwiched between the GPA forces and the Photos sentries, though they were able to take much of the firepower directed at them and return it in kind.
As the Shadow fleet drew closer, the forward carriers began to launch assault ships. The small, agile craft made it to Photise in little time, and teleported down initial Sickle and Scythe waves as they entered the upper atmosphere.
The Photos were not without their own defenses, however.
Individually, the Anti-Orbital cannons sprinkled throughout Photise would be bad enough for an attacker. It gets worse, however, when they first open fire; each gun is linked to a fire control system which is connected to every AO Cannon in a large area; these are, in turn, connected to the High Command's fire control deck. With instant access to satellite information and data-feeds from all ships, along with long range sensor sweeps, the fire control deck and coordinate AO barrages with pinpoint accuracy, vastly increasing the deadliness of the system.
And it was now that the Shadow met this system. While the Assault Ships were too small and close to be targeted, the AO guns could tap out quite a good distance, and two forward carriers soon met their demise when  the AO guns of an entire district focused fire onto them. One took a good shot to the bridge and the engines, and without a brain nor propulsion the ship was for all intent and purpose destroyed. The other one, took three blasts to the same location; the three purple-blue beams punched through aft to stern, but by some miracle the reactor didn't go critical. Other ships took hits from the guns, but survived in various states of function.

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Post by: Yuu on February 22, 2012, 09:11:53 am
"'Tis good to see the AOs in action!", Aguilan noted from the visual feed sent to her through the planet's military communications network. Comms networks, a system independently developed by various civilizations with the main objective of enhancing precision of command as well as coordinating large volumes of operational components, mostly in the form of individuals. Highly prevalent in the military world, it has grown into an integral pillar of command and control. This specific pillar belonged to Photise's planetary defense force, a subdivision of the Photos' armed forces.

And now she was using it to view exploding Shadow vessels in high definition.

"We have to do something about those surface units, though.", the Captain added, spotting several hostile vessels managing to pierce the atmosphere and unload their lethal cargo upon the local population.


"OMS-CD 2, 4, 5, break formation! LKS-CD 3, 4, break formation!", Aguilan's voice rang clearly across the PDRR's channel. To break formation, that is to detach oneself from the primary combat arrangement in order to pursue a more specific objective, or in some situations merely to avoid imminent destruction from a barrage of fire that is much the bane of tightly packed formations. In this case, it was the former, a command issued by the Captain to seek a certain goal, a goal which she promptly disclosed with her succeeding order.

"Focus fire on rear guard CVs."

The Orealyianis and Luzonian destroyers which previously broke away were now unleashing a torrent of rail and plasma fire at the Shadow fleet's rear bound carriers. It was an attempt to pick off a number of the Shadow's carriers before they could reach the surface while also serving the additional purpose of drawing part of the invaders' attention away from the Photos homeworld.

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Post by: GroxGlitch on February 23, 2012, 05:30:41 pm
"Ha, how utterly predictable. Side guns, target those destroyers." 'u'Sadow ordered, and with that order the Fear's broadside guns, which had not yet been given targeting orders, hummed into life and with unnerving precision spat volley after volley into the Orealyanis and Luzonian destroyers attempting to flank. One ship took a heavy hit to it's side, another crippled by a direct hit on it's engines. Fortunately, distance kept the destroyers relatively safe, for they were just beyond optimal range on the broadside's targeting array.

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Post by: Yuu on February 25, 2012, 09:54:50 am
Aguilan kept her form as the Shadow began to pile the pressure on her forces. Being in a rapid response unit, as the name heavily implied, meant being the first in line to respond against new and unknown threats on the field, and at most times holding that field until the big guns finally rolled in. It was a demanding task with many inherent risks, more so for the people the lead them with an unflinching will. If there were any particular groups that would be least fazed by the likes of the Shadow worldship, the PDRR would be one of them.

That, and another, more subtle issue came to her notice.

It was telling that the Fear's own guns, despite being an order of magnitude or so stronger than what her unit was carrying, were at most merely able to mission kill one of her destroyers rather than completely annihilate it. It was, for lack of a better word, a rather anticlimactic affair. One which she readily played to her advantage.

The Shadow's rear carriers began to experience a slight lull in bombardment as the PDRR's ships slowly pulled back. Several variable armors clamped onto the crippled destroyer before going full throttle, towing the heavily damaged craft to the rear of the receding formation. Instead of completely falling back, however, Aguilan's forces resumed their former intensity, firing volley after volley at the vulnerable carriers while careful to maintain their distance from overbearing retaliation.

"'Tis only for a while longer...", Aguilan told herself, being enough of a realist to acknowledge the thin line she and her forces were straddling, all of which merely to delay the assault until a proper force arrived to face overwhelming threat.

But if 'tis what it costs to buy those fifteen minutes, so be it.

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Post by: GroxGlitch on February 25, 2012, 10:59:24 am
"Fear breaking formation, intercepting response fleet. All other units maintain mission objectives." 'u'Sadow ordered, the Fear's massive shape breaking off from the fleet at a surprisingly high velocity for such a large craft. "Power to Inertialess Drive. What say we show them why this ship is called the Fear?"
 Once a safe distance from the rest of the Shadow fleet, the Fear engaged it's Inertialess Drive. Preceded by a sudden pulse of energy, the massive worldship zipped up to near blank range with the response fleet in the blink of an eye, guns roaring.
 The distance of the targeted ships had kept them safe; beyond optimum range, the blasts lost most of their power. Unfortunately, at this range, the guns' fire impacted with pretty much all their initial energy.
 This inertialless jump was not without negative effects, however. The drive, when engaged, overloads the engines of the activating ship. While this does no damage to the engines, it does leave them offline for a period of time, and in the case of a large capital ship like the Fear, this can leave a critical- and often underarmored- flank underprotected.

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Post by: Yuu on February 26, 2012, 08:50:34 am
A fact Aguilan was quick to take advantage of as the PDRR suddenly split in two, and with engines blazing rushed towards the gargantuan vessel from opposing sides. Some were inevitably drowned the Fear's wall of fire, however, not the least of them the crippled vessel which barely survived the previous attack. Despite this loss, rail and plasma began to pelt the craft while strings of SEACESSV shots did equally violent things to the ship's exterior layers.

Aguilan was not deluded by her saving move, however, acknowledging once again the fine line her unit was precariously traversing. All of it was worth it, however, as it managed to keep them alive, and more importantly, keep the Fear preoccupied, for what seemed like an appreciable length of time.

"'Tis it.", Aguilan look at the blatant disparity between her and 'u'Sadow's force.

Eight more minutes.

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Post by: GroxGlitch on February 27, 2012, 11:32:59 pm
"That ship," 'u'Sadow pointed to a single ship that stood out among the response fleet's vessels. "That ship appears to be the command ship. Make it dead."
The Fear's main gun angled to Aguilan's  ship, barrel glowing as energy built up. A second before it fired, the space around the barrel distorted, warping out as the lightning bolt-esque energy beam streaked towards the command ship.  When the feedback died down, the ship remained unscathed. The shields were down, and energy arced from the hull, but it was undamaged.
"Un-be-lieveable...?" 'u'Sadow breathed. "Follow up, keep it targeted. Kill the head and the body will die." The main gun fired again, but the unbelievable happened. The shot was blocked by a massive ship, appearing as if from thin air.
"Tell me, 'u'Sadow, just how did you think this would end?"
The ship that had materialized was the Leviathan. Behind it, hundreds of other Photos ships materialized.
Val'ones cracked his knuckles, grinning.
"Let'em have a few vollies off the side guns then move into firing position for the main gun." He switched the comms channel from general to the response fleet's channel.
"I trust my timing is as impeccable as usual, Captain?" He said jokingly.

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"'Tis not a second to spare!", Aguilan quipped rather cheerfully as she diverted a fragment of her attention towards the General. Assessing the status of her unit was her first priority, and the Leviathan's heroic entry did more than tickle the comms network. The chatter began to recede after a slew of orders came flying off of the Flueluvu's bridge. The unit promptly reorganized to accommodate the current situation.

"So, General...", she mused towards Val'ones in a fiery yet contemplative tone of voice. The tension which arose from the stacked odds of the recent struggle, let alone her recent brush with oblivion, had ignited the more aggressive aspect of her persona. Still, she kept a portion of her calm exterior, or at least what was left of it after all was said and done. "'Tis the plan on taking on this Darvon?", she quickly followed up, likening the Fear's vast form to that of a large and monstrous serpent from her homeworld of Aguilaria. So far, the Shadow flagship had proven itself worthy of the moniker, and with another worthy vessel, the Leviathan, having finished its opening performance, Aguilan wondered how this bout of giants would eventually play out.