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The Vrin

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Author Topic: The Vrin  (Read 141 times)
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« on: December 01, 2011, 11:59:43 am »

Bringing these guys here. The Shrie-Nashek are on hold because my confidense to write them originally has dropped.

Slowly revamping these guys as well. They still would like the galaxy to be ruled by C'thulu though.

Thing is, I like the Vrin because the're more flexible. With the Core Combine you know they only have one goal: Kill/Enslave Everyone. Eventually there will be a massive conflict that will end with either the galaxy or the Skrall all dead. (But thats a story for another time....a very... very loooong another time.)

The Vrin can go from galactic crusaders to psychos for hire in smaller RP's. With the Core I have to be a bit more picky about which wars they join, where the Vrin will join any war because they either want to help an ally, or for ****s or giggles, or because the stars told them to...

The Vrin

Inspirations: Chaos Space Marines, Mandalorians, Ing, Deadra Cults, The Covenant, The Scourge, Mordor, The Sith

*pictures pending*
But for now, just take this and combine it with this

Call us savages because we do not bow to your pathetic and weakening ideologies. For we are the Gods chosen warriors. We seek only their gifts, through blood, through victory! Why do we sack your colonies, why do we burn your worlds? -  To earn the Gods magnificent glories that they may bestow upon us. To earn their favor as their chosen, to inherit our rightful reward Ė Despair! For your heretical world is coming to an end, such is the will of the Gods!
-Ar'nagg the Blooded

The Vrin are a mysterious and hostile warrior race living outside of civilized space. Vrin life is dominated by two things: War and religion. With a doctrine stating that combat is the only way for a species to strengthen itself and faith is the only way to remain disciplined and attain the favor of the gods. The clergy and the military are basically one in the same. Vrin frown upon pacifism and coddling, believing that such things are for the weak.

Vrin territory is centralized around an area called the Oblivion sector. Here is where the most powerful Vrin warlords dwell, each ruling its own empire. Around the sector there are countless other smaller empires, each ruled by more tyrants and warlords, all who tend to compete with each other for slaves and resources. The Vrinís habit of constant infighting tends to reduce their activities to lightning raids across border colonies at least, to rather large but localized warbands that can cause major trouble to smaller empires at best. However the inhabitants of the galaxy know not underestimate the Vrin, for every now and again, a powerful warlord can arise amongst them, gathering the normally fractious warriors together and form a powerful horde, turning the scattered warbands and raiders into an organized and formidable army.

Culture: There is only one way to describe Vrin culture: Violent. Vrin are down to their core a savage warrior race, combine this with a religious intolerance of other ideologies makes them one of the more hostile folks of the galaxy. Vrin believe that fighting, and constant conflict is what strengthens a race, while passivism and an unwillingness to fight leads to stagnation and weakness, and it shows in their culture; with countless deadly trials to adulthood and bloody sentient sacrifice rituals a daily thing.

The Vrins violent behavior goes further than simple philosophy. Parts of their religion seems to worship war its self, their culture holds their warriors in high regard.

Society: While Vrin do seem to retain a certain sense of unity, their society is generally viewed as a combination of feudalism to borderline anarchy, perhaps even a confederation of tribes or clans. Individual warlords rule bands of warriors, their influence varying from petty planetary tyrants to powerful conquerors in control of their own empires. Colonization is not pushed by any type of central governing body, but rather happens when a rather successful Vrin decides to break off from his current society, gathering a large enough host warriors to follow him and then goes out into the galaxy to look for a habitable world to conquer. In absence of a world, it is not uncommon for such individuals to become nomadic raiders, periodically returning to the Oblivion sector with the spoils of war to gain honor and godly favor.

Because Vrin are divided between many lords, chieftains and tyrants, itís difficult to associate them with any form of supreme authority or central government, but one particular element comes close.  The Vrinís dark home world of Caraash is ruled by the most powerful warlords, who act as the disciplining hand of the Dark Council. The Dark Council is a group elderly Vrinish prophets, their position is maintained for life and their divinations and prophecies are taken very seriously by the Vrin.

Warlord: A warlord is considered a ruler of a large enough group of Vrin. Their influences ranges from one world which they rule with an iron fist to an empire which they have carved out for themselves. Warlords maintain their position by eliminating rivals and generally being the strongest one around.

Warrior: The Vrinís warrior caste makes up the second rank in the totem pole, and is one of the most respected. Vrinish warriors are Vrin who swear their allegiance to a warlord, usually in return for shares of the spoils, slaves, machines, and fiefs.

Slaves: Vrin are a race that practices slavery. Whenever they assault worlds or raid colonies, Vrin are known to take survivors and civilians as slaves and make them work for them. Being a slave in Vrinish society is a harsh and brutal life, where youíre whipped and worked to the bone. However, one must understand the Vrin run on a meritocracy, so even a slave is not stuck in their position. A slave who rebels has equal chances of being punished for his insolence or rewarded for his bravado.

The Faithfull: The Vrin are not as racist as outsiders would lead you to believe. The Faithfull is a catchall term for the many minor nations and empires that have taken up the Vrinís ideals and made them their own. The Faithfull are made up of many different races and come from many different origins. Some are rebels and powerful pirate lords who have decided to join the Vrin for better reward, others are slaves who have pleased their masters in some way and earned their freedom. While the Vrin do not necessarily see these defectors as equals, they view them much more highly then the weak scum and heretics they see everyone else as.

Technology: While the Vrin are indeed considered socially backwards, they are still surprisingly advanced in certain fields of technology.  At first glance most of their craft looks bulky, unwieldy and primitive, but anyone who has ever held a Vrinish weapon knows that not only are they easily on par with other races technologically, but also they are built tough.

Vrin are a very psi-active race, and where they truly shine however, is the largely unknown field of psychic engineering. The Vrin possess many mysterious technologies that interact with psychic power, some so advanced that Vrin themselves hardly understand it! These particular technologies have questionable originsÖ
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« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2011, 12:00:54 pm »

Physical Appearance

The Vrin are at first glance a very incesctoid like race. They possess a bulky looking humanoid form, covered by black chitaneous plates. On their broad shoulders they possess a white fur like coat (like a silk moth) that reaches down to their backs. Their round head is dominated by three visible red eyes arranged in a light triangle formation, two silk moth like antennas sit upon their head. Their mouths are a set of four ways opening mandibles used for consumption of food items.

Vrin have male and female genders, however they change spontaneously and have no outer difference. "Female" Vrin who feel the time to reproduce has come will travel to a spawning ground, mate, and lay countless eggs, "she" will then leave and probably never see ď"her" children again.

The Vrins inner biology is "normal" save for the fact that they have several "back-up" up internal organs (Hearts, lungs) that can replace the originals should they fail.

(Section 1 -- Biology)
Type                 : Terrestrial
Appearance           : Insectoid
Gravity preferences  : # - # g Earth like.
Temperature pref.    : Tend to prefer cold and damp environments
Atmosphere breathed  : Oxygen
Body cover           : Chitin plates
Body color           : Black
Hair                 : White moth like hair on their shoulders and descending to their backs
Hair color           : White
Eyes                 : Three red eyes arranged in a light triangle formation
Eyes color           : Red
Body characteristics : Chitin plates, antenna
Diet                 : Omnivorous but tends to prefer meat
Reproduction method  : Eggs
Limbs pair nį 1 : Two muscular arms that end in sharp claws.
Limbs pair nį 2 : Two legs that end in two toed feet
Mass :  # kg (Average weight of your race. If values differ between Male/Female, list both)
Size : All tend to stand at least 6 feet tall or higher

(Section 2 -- Culture)
  Militancy       : 20
  Determination   : 15
  Racial tolerance: 13 for races that have accepted their ideology. 1 for everyone else.
  Progressiveness  : 8 (Letís just say magic and technology tend to be one in the same to them)
  Loyalty         : 1-20 (Vrin believe that there is no dishonor in submission to a more powerful opponent, nor is there dishonor in attempting to kill one you feel does not deserve your submission.)
  Social cohesion : 5 (As said before, Vrin are divided between countless warlords and tyrants)
  Art             : 18
  Individualism   : 1-12 (Varies between rank)
  Body            :
  Mind            :
  Speed           :
  Lifespan        : 600 years
  Tech level      : 8

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)
Government type   : Anarchy/Dictatorship/Meritocracy/Tribalism/Theocracy (Combination of all them)
Religion          : Polytheism
Devotion          : Absolute

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)
Special abilities:
Acid Secretion (Spitting is not just rude, itís dangerous!)
Acute Hearing
Acute Smelling
Acute Vision
Bonus skills (Race has a knack for certain skills)
Cold Tolerance
Disease Tolerance
Extra heart (Race has more than one heart)
Fast healing (Race recovers from damage quickly)
High fecundity (Has a high birthrate. Think rabbits.) (Negated by the absolutely BRUTAL trials to adulthood, but also ensures that there will always be a new generation of warriors to replace the last, like Krogan in their galactic rampage days.)
Hypnotism (Able to gain and hold the attention of most races easily. Originally, this was much more powerful and mystic)
Manual Dexterity
Night Vision
Odious racial habit (Race has habit(s) that are considered weird by other races. Examples include sadism, slavery, and cannibalism.) (Literally all three of those things in particular.)
Radiation Tolerance
Regeneration (Able to regrow lost body parts.)
Toughness (It... Won't... DIE!)


All Vrin possess some form of psychic activity within their minds, however only a certain few can actually use it to its full potential, though on a whole this gives the Vrin a natural resistance towards being probed in the minds by other psychics and generally being mentally affected by psychic powers. (Not impossible, but a little more difficult.) Psychics among Vrin society are referred to as Sorcerers and tend to form their own cults dedicated towards attaining more power. A cult will usually ally itself with a powerful warlord in order see its devices to fruition. Thanks to the fact that all Vrin are at least latent psychics, they are all capable of using psy-engineered technology.
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« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2011, 12:01:41 pm »

Disclaimer: I SimplyNecro, fully realize that I am treading on incredibly thin ice as of now. Like, where talking so thin that I might as well be standing over arctic water.

Sorcerer Cults are always on the lookout for new candidates. Vrin who show psychic potential at a young age are quickly inducted into a cult and taught the ways of a Sorcerer.

Sorcerers in Vrin society are looked at with a combination of respect and suspicion. Respect because of their psychic gifts and suspicion due to the fact that their loyalty is usually towards their own cult or simply their own machinations. They will, either as a cult or perhaps as individuals, swear their allegiance to a warlord in return for protection and aid in their schemes. The Vrinish clergy also count a significant number Sorcerers in their numbers, these particular individuals are well respected among all Vrin.

The Sorcerersí Arts

It is a known fact that the Vrin are a very psy-sensitive race and because of this their mental craft has had time to be become more advanced. Since their days of being locked on their home world, Vrinish sorcerers have slowly expanded their arts and learned to manipulate different areas of both the physical and aspects of the metaphysical world. As the psychic arts became more broad and specialist in manipulating different materials began to arise, the arts slowly became divided and categorized as it became obvious that manipulating different aspects of the world where done in completely different ways. Under the teachings of a Sorcerer cult, all apprentices will learn the basics of each art, as despite specialization, all of them connect at a basic level.

Physi-craft: Physi-craft, is more often than not referred to as the "basics" of the Sorcerersí Arts. Physicraft covers telekinesis and other powers that most obviously affect the "physical" world such as molecular manipulation at higher levels.

Meta-craft: Also called Mental-craft. Where Physi-craft deals with manipulating the physical, Mental-craft deals manipulations of the mind. Meta-craft covers the arts of telepathy, mind reading, suggestion implantation, illusionary techniques, and all other techniques that involve dealing with another living creatures mind. Like Physi-craft, Meta-craft is considered a basic art, however it has its limitations, dealing with a creature whoís thought processes are at least somewhat straight forward and whoís mental state is similar to a Vrinís is one thing, however connecting with something whoís thought patterns are completely alien is like attempting to understand another language of which you have absolutely no knowledge of.

Demonology: A sub school Meta-craft, which deals with those whose mental states are similar to a Vrinís, Demonology deals with the horrifyingly alien and the utterly incomprehensible. Demonology is essentially the same as Meta-craft, but specializes in connecting with xeno minds. It is obviously a difficult and dangerous art because one who practices Demonology must practically disconnect himself from his own reality and place himself in the mindset of the alien. Any who practices Demonology will tell that nothing seems the same after they have gone through the trials of mastering this strange art. Demonologists usually deal with the extra-dimensional creatures the Vrin drag from their realms and domesticate or negotiate with as well as facilitate communication with creatures with incredibly alien mindsets.

Biomancy: Also called Bio-craft, it was once considered a sub school of Physi-craft; it branched off into an art of its own when it became obvious that telekinetically lifting a living being up just wasnít the same as manipulating organic structures at a cellular level. Some would even call it a combination of Physi-craft and Meta-craft. Biomancy deals with manipulating cellular growth, inducing regeneration, and manipulating biological processes and structures at higher levels. Due to its nature, Biomancy commonly overlaps with Meta-craft and Demonology for more alien structures.

Necromancy: While some would argue that it is a school itself, most agree that Necromancy is simply a sub school of Bio-craft due to slight differences in techniques. The most obvious being where Bio-craft deals mostly with living flesh, Necromancy deals with that which is lifeless. Itís most noteworthy achievement is reanimation (Normally aided by cybernetics and other forms of psycho-engineered tech) which is used in the creation of Homunculi.

Technomancy: Technomancy or Techno-craft is the most recent art to be categorized and placed in its own school. Also once considered a sub school of Physi-craft, like Biomancy, it began to branch off into its own school as more and more specialist began to appear in its art. Technomancy is considered a difficult art that requires much technological aid to master. Technomancers usually must heavily cybernetically enhance themselves in order to bolster the speed of their minds in order to keep up with the usually speedy moving code there dealing with. Technopaths are able to use their psychic power combined with their technology in order to connect and affect other machines. It is essentially Meta-craft, except its target is technology rather than living things. Technopaths tend to specialize, usually due to the irreversible changes they must make to themselves.

Psychic Powers.
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« Reply #3 on: December 01, 2011, 12:04:16 pm »

I don't think I am ever going to post a huge document on Vrin religion to detail rituals or types of "Outer Beasts". Instead I'll just reveal it through RP interaction and such.

In the beginning, the abyssian sea of creation laid still and unmoving, a pit of stagnant darkness and stale emotion. This was how the Elder Ones spent their existence, content to wallow in this moribund hole. In this world where nothing was ever born and nothing ever died, this endless cycle of monotonous droning would perhaps continue for all of eternity - but no, this was not to be.

The smothering dark was suddenly brightened in a raging inferno and the Elder Ones whipped their senses faster than they had ever before. They looked up in confusion as one of their own suddenly had done the unthinkable; it had disturbed the tides that had remained unmoving for eternities. This abhorrent monstrosity that had disturbed their unchanging slumber, maddened with psychotic rage by their imprisonment. It would have no more of it!

This creature was called Kharnage, Over deity of the Gods. The Vrins Elder God.

Kharnage lashed out at the Elder Ones, its unrestrained anger shifted the sea and forced change. As this horror from behind the stars rampaged throughout the cosmos, it proceeded to liberate others of its kind, other Elder Ones who would not spend another eternity in this festering unchanged reality. The new war master of the Gods had declared war on its hated imprisonment, a war that it vowed would drown the stars in the blood of the divineÖ

-Excerpt from the Astronecrimon Vol. 1

Religon Overview

To put it quite simply, the Vrin believe in a sort of hierarchy of Gods that exist on another plane, one that interacts with our own on occasion. At the top of this hierarchy is Kharnage, the Over-deity of the Gods. Kharnage supposedly has no form except whatever abomidable form of destruction pleases it at the time. Underneath Kharnage are countless other lesser Gods, who compete with each other for followers and the Over-deities favor, just like their followers compete with each other to gain their favor. Vrinish religion also possesses countless rituals and sacrifices, all meant to appease and gain favor with the Gods. The Vrins gods are said to be brutal and warmongering, demanding sacrifices and their names honored in battle.

Reading the Stars

One thing an individual might notice when studying Vrinish cosmology is the importance of messages, meanings, and significance of stars. Stars, constellations, and the alignment of planets play a massive role in Vrinish religion. To the Vrin, the stars are the godís method of communicating with their followers. Every star, every constellation, indeed perhaps nearly every celestial body is considered holy by various degrees. The holy art of Vrinish ďDivinationĒ is done by reading the hidden messages within the action of stars, and then cross-referencing the observations with prophesies located within one of the five tomes of the Astronecrimon (Astro-ne-cri-mon), the Vrinís most holiest of books (To be detailed later).

The Vrinís obsession with stars shows up in the way they plan their holy architecture. Holy temples are built on sights that have best view of the night sky, and every Vrinish temple possesses a deep space telescope for divination. (Vrin. LOVE. Telescopes, itís actually considered a holy tool) Species would be surprised to see how advanced and detailed the Vrinís star charts are (Allowing incredibly efficient LSC (Light Speed Circumvention) Travel) or how much effort they put into creating deep space temples possessing telescopes that view furthest reaches of the universe they can see. Warriors and chosen of the gods they may be, but they also consider themselves explorers and pioneers of the unknown.

OOC Notes:

- I will state that the extra-dimensional creatures (Outsiders?) are related to the Vrin religion. While most are simple and based on instinct, others are sentient and are disturbingly good at playing along with the Vrin religion (Or are they?). "Or are they" is pretty much the way to sum up the stuff

I leave them at maybe. With perhaps some heavy evidence pointing to yes, but still arguably maybe.

- The Vrins many lesser deities range from fertility goddesses to freaking Cthullu.

[EDIT]: Changed my mind, just Cthullu and other *******s.
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« Reply #4 on: December 02, 2011, 06:05:04 am »

The Vrin’s obsession with stars shows up in the way they plan their holy architecture. Holy temples are built on sights that have best view of the night sky, and every Vrinish temple possesses a deep space telescope for divination. (Vrin. LOVE. Telescopes, it’s actually considered a holy tool) Species would be surprised to see how advanced and detailed the Vrin’s star charts are (Allowing incredibly efficient LSC (Light Speed Circumvention) Travel) or how much effort they put into creating deep space temples possessing telescopes that view furthest reaches of the universe they can see. Warriors and chosen of the gods they may be, but they also consider themselves explorers and pioneers of the unknown.


Hope to see these guys soon.
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"That bastard is watching that **** playing with a ****" should actually be a perfectly polite sentence to describe a child watching a dog play with some sticks. But it's not, because they somehow became offensive.
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« Reply #5 on: December 05, 2011, 08:07:23 pm »

I really hope you're not being serious at this point. I don't see how the Vrin are anything else than a parody. Especially with the "Astronecrimon" talking of "Kharnage", a figure suspiciously similar to that Kahless fellow. If it's meant to be silly, then you're a dang comedic genius.
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« Reply #6 on: December 06, 2011, 07:38:26 pm »

I really hope you're not being serious at this point. I don't see how the Vrin are anything else than a parody. Especially with the "Astronecrimon" talking of "Kharnage", a figure suspiciously similar to that Kahless fellow. If it's meant to be silly, then you're a dang comedic genius.

Well, I approach almost anything I do here with a sense of humor. The Core Combine are practically every alien invader stereotype taken up to 11.

So yea...

Ok, I'll give you the Astronecrimon thing, but the Kharnage/Khaless thing is a coincidence. Considering I don't even know who he/she/it/hermaphrodite is.

I'll change the name of the book if anything, but the concept of a species of insane lovecraftian entity worshipping aliens that read obscure signs in stars/psychic text books mixed with proud warrior race guys, who possess very charismatic cultist remains.

Plus I did say they were going through a slow revamp.
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