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December 11, 2018, 07:56:47 am
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[IoD] And so it begins...

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Author Topic: [IoD] And so it begins...  (Read 341 times)
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« on: February 14, 2012, 08:03:44 am »

Another dot of light appeared, slightly beyond Photise orbit. This time around, the rapidly expanding portal was more a sign of grace than an omen. Seconds later, the bow of several large craft of varying yet familiar designs began to protrude from the gaping threshold, accompanied by an assortment of smaller craft which darted all around. Despite this vast differences in form and design, they all shared one unique mark, however, and it was in the form of a GPA insignia emblazoned on their plates and hulls.

"'Tis Captain Aguilan of the GPA Photirian District Rapid Response Unit Twelve. Assisting local defense 'til reinforcements arrive, over.", came over the Photirian comms network.

On the bridge of the Flueluvu, Aguilan's vessel and flagship of the small force, several large projections appeared across the walls, showing cursory scans of the ongoing battle.

"Well, 'tis unexpected...", quickly came to Aguilan's mind while taking in the scenery. "'Tis a lot of shadow craft, and here I thought 'tis that infection's work again.", she added jokingly.


Elsewhere on the ship, the Captain's words echoed throughout the intercom.

"Battle-stations cannon! Battle-stations cannon!"

"All hands, prepare ship for battle-stations missile!"

"'Tis the captain, 'tis not an exercise!"

"Load up rails 1, 6, 2, 5!"

"Heat up 1, heat up 6."

"Aim 1, heat up 2."

"1 launch, aim 6, heat up 2."

"6 launch, aim 2, heat up 5."

"2 launch, aim 5."

"5 launch."


Four jets of super-heated matter shot out of the Flueluvu, driving straight towards the nearest enemy vessel, grazing it with three and scoring a hit with the fourth. Other GPA craft also began to fire, engaging the shadows through their vanguard's more vulnerable flank.

"Lieutenant.", Aguilan called her subordinate's attention. "ETA for reinforcements?"

"Thirty minutes, Captain.", the officer promptly answered.

'Tis gonna take a while...
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